Tulisan Gadis Bosan ❤: The Love Letters from Him
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The Love Letters from Him

Dear Allah,

I love you. I love how you can read my heart and know what is hidden in. I love how you make me fall and catch me before I crash. I love talking to you. I love how I smile when I think about You. I love the tears that  flow down for you when I think of as God. I love performing my prayer and how I sometimes don't want to get up from my sujud.  I love the way you make me fell complete when I fell lonely and suddenly I realize that I have you as my Sweetheart. I love how I beg you for a help. I love the tiny little things in this Islam that make me fell part of this incredibly huge religion. I love doing thins for your sake.  I love how you give me strength when sometimes I clueless.  I love how you give me patient when sometimes I fell useless. I love how you teach me through your Kalam.

I love how you give me this ability to love you . I love how you love me unconditionally. Truly , I  don't deserve to be loved , but still you share your love with me.
And that's what I love the most.

Oh Allah , thanks for giving me the courage to express my word through my scattered writing. 

This entry is dedicated to my beloved Umi because always lend a shoulder to lean on .
I love you Umi because Allah.